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Services Available

Services Available

Services Available

Working together with the Raritan Bay Area YMCA of Perth Amboy  the  Center for Support, Success & Prosperity assists individuals and families to overcome homelessness and a variety of other services:


  • Entitlement Program: Our entitlement program provides assistance for the homeless and needy in our community to build self-sufficiency and the ability to access resources and benefits for those who qualify. We screen each potentially eligible individual and assist them to apply for programs i.e. but not limited to SSI/SSDI, GA, TANF, NJ snap etc.

  • Care Management Services: Assisting the client with employment services such as resume building, and interview preparedness. Guiding the client as they call the Homeless Hotline as well as referring client to other agencies for services they may qualify for.

  • Spiritual Health Counseling: Bible based counseling for individuals interested in soul care and healing. This service offers a basic screening, referral to mental health professional and introduction to the saving knowledge of Christ.



Services Available

Services Available

Mr & Mrs Z:  I am writing this statement to let others know, what a blessing Pastor Berny of God's Army Ministries of NJ has been for my husband and I.

We became homeless in July, 2015.  We had gone to her and she was able to place us in a motel.  She had directed us to different housing, to apply for an apartment.  She does not start to help you then drops the ball. She continues to help you till you find a place.  Unfortunately there is not enough money for her to do as much help as there is needed in these trying times.  More funding would help her assist more people in need and make them feel whole again.

SAMI: The story of Pragnesh Panchal who was known in the homeless community and the City of Perth Amboy as Sami.  Sami lost his parents in Bombay, moved to the United States married and had a little girl whose picture he kept in his shirt pocket near his heart.  Both his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident, that’s when Sami’s pain consumed him so, that he had a breakdown and never recovered.  Sami became an alcoholic.  When we asked him “Sami please stop drinking”?   His response was that he needed to drink in order for him to get in the water under the bridge to bathe.  This was during the freezing winter months, he also lived in an abandoned building and wouldn’t go to the local shelter.  He said they mistreated him there and refused to go even during the freezing winter months we were experiencing. 

At our Sunday morning service Sami came in like he normally does, walked to the front of the church to dance and sing during worship service (his regular routine).  After the worship was over he came to me and said “Mama I have to go”, (he referred to my husband and I as Mama and Papa).  He said that he and his friend had to go so he gave me his hug and peck on the cheek.  The next couple of days I was asking if anyone had seen Sami, I was worried because someone had beaten him a couple of weeks prior.  When none of our friends at the Community Kitchen knew where he went I began to worry so I contacted our Chief of Police and asked if he had been arrested.  Everyone in town knew Sami so I just had to give his name and description.  The Chief got back to me and said that Sami was in the hospital.  When we arrived to the hospital we couldn’t believe how bad it was.  Sami was in a fire at the abandoned building he lived.  He had slipped into a coma because of all the smoke he inhaled.  We called the rest of the congregation and told his friends. We all prayed for a couple of days but Sami died of smoke inhalation.  I’m grateful to God for the time he gave us Sami, although short I can honestly say that he wasn’t alone and had family.  We were his family!  With the help of one of our local funeral homes who waved their fee we were able to give Sami a proper funeral. 


Donations Needed

Services Available

Donations Needed

Consider joining us in the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ as we help struggling families and individuals get back on their feet.  We are a non-profit organization and your help matters.  Thank you.


‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Matthew 25:40

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